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General is a private network of lightning tracker stations. They catch the electromagnetic signals of strokes. Together with the timestamp the position of a stroke can be calculated out of the signals (TOA - time of arrival method). You will find more information on the main site of the project:


Accuracy is quite good and is sometimes lower than 1 kilometer. This is equal to commercial stroke detection companies.


You have to build your own receiver (costs about 150 Euro). With that, you can participate in the network and you will get access to all stroke data. More information here: > Cover your Area. See also: Wetter-Board


Visualisation on this page is done by a software called MyLightningDetection (MyBlitzortung). Nobody can guarantee, that this software shows always the correct information! The responsibility is on your side! MyLightningDetection is free software. You can find more information here:

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